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Are you working in HR and are you extremely concerned about how people in the company feel? Take care of the toxic employees!

An employee with an inappropriate attitude and behavior can cause very high damage to a company. Therefore, if you work in HR and want your organization not to suffer because of the toxic employees, it would be good to identify very quickly when certain employees start to behave in an aggressive way. Here are 15 features of a toxic employee:

  1. it is unapproachable, withdrawn, suspicious and temperamental;
  2. fails to listen to colleagues, but does not even want to be attentive to team members;
  3. it lacks emotional intelligence;
  4. puts pressure on colleagues and generally aggresses others;
  5. reacts very badly to minor things;
  6. thinks "the best in the car park" and believes he is always right;
  7. is inconsistent, unpredictable and has difficulty concentrating,
  8. intimidates, threatens and ridicules his colleagues;
  9. he has a tendency to "cover" himself and does not trust;
  10. whenever confronted, questioned or challenged response in an aggressive manner;
  11. likes to "play" with other people and plot against colleagues;
  12. spreads "traps" to their colleagues and "pours" them to managers;
  13. he is flattering with his superiors, whom he prefers to "dress" in order to escape the pure scent;
  14. he always takes into account his own agenda and complains at any occasion how busy his work schedule is;
  15. He likes to create a tense atmosphere that he seeks to maintain through any means. It feels good in a toxic environment.

If you identify employees with many of the above characteristics in your company, you should take action so as not to escalate tensions within the organization. The first step you are supposed to do is to communicate with the employee or employees concerned. Subsequently, depending on how the discussions are going, you can think of additional disciplinary measures.

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