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Work is a huge part of human life. Every single hour, everyone is in search of a good job with a high income. In the period of this immediate IT era, applicants are repeatedly astonished to choose a job. Whereas, career is the primary aim of one's life. A career is a progression constrained by a person throughout a lifetime, which dwell with an advancement in standards, inspirational life and pose. A person can frame his/her fortune via healthy decision and confident steps like education, learning, practice, good parenting and some chances in destiny. Here the people dream of a better life way but not everyone able to catch a sound career that can ensure them a clear career progression, work-life balance, employment benefits, and other factors.

Recently, developing a right career path is a great challenge. Its compulsory to choose a right track. Some people prefer to work in own country and there are certain people who elevate to choose their career in foreign countries to enrich their experiences, to meet new people, learn new skills, explore new cultures, work securities, wage growth safe and security are the main factors. Here are some of the best countries for finding a good career.

1. Germany

Germany is one of the best scopes for career goals. It is a tempting country to study. 12 percent of the students in Germany are from abroad. Learning new skills. Career progression security is the main priorities. German university degrees are exceptionally honored around the world. The universities grand us best researches and learning. In comparison with other countries, the cost of living in Germany is fairly reasonable. Germany is the safe country to achieve the best career.

2. Bahrain

Bahrain is always a career home for expats. Accessibility of abundant openings has been the leading component for the expats to move to Bahrain.

Bahrain is located in the core of the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is also an economic and cultural axis of the zone. In a fresh inspect, Bahrain raised as the most acceptable expat destiny in the entire middle east. Professionals around the world driving to Bahrain considering its economic progress, income tax regulations, ease of accommodation, healthcare and education. There is a good chance to find more opportunities in Bahrain for the coming years.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland officially Swiss confederation is a sovereign state in Europe. This country is one of the most developed countries in the world. The country has gained in economic competitiveness, human development, quality of life etc. Switzerland has a low unemployment rate and the cost of living is high. Income fulfil expenses. The value of skills, abilities and experiences determines your career there. Digital Switzerland also created Europe's start-up programme for the best career.

4. UAE

The United States Emirates has been the prevailing goal for the professionals for career progress and opportunities is sometimes called as expat's paradise has captivated people around the world and the practice of migration helped to become an assorted place to work in. People boast to have a rich lifestyle there. The UAE Government offers tax-free income and granting professionals to attain a high level of savings.

5. Singapore

Singapore is a focal point for education, innovations, manufacturing, technology, trade, and transport. The country has the best investment potentials. Singapore is the most expensive city to live in. The country ranks number one in Asia and second in the world in case of security. It has an apex city planning and framework. The possibility to enlarge opportunities are another influence of Singapore. It promises a better quality of life and new ambitions. The immense majority of expats lives in the global financial pivot of Singapore. Singapore is one of the best places for career development.

6. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom or the UK is a developed country and has a globally largest economy, high-income economy, and human development index. The country was the first industrialized country. Expats get a wide vacancy to increase their skills, thinking, knowledge and a typical path towards their careers. Finding a career in the UK is a huge mode to expand knowledge, meet new people, new culture, and to relish new experiences.UK has numerous languages and faiths. There are more than 395 universities and colleges. The amount of money required is based on where you study. International students required to apply for a visa to study in the UK.

7. Norway

The study in Norway furnishes you to a gigantic boon. Norway or Kingdom of Norway is a global captain of telecommunication, high tech products, renewable energy, shipping, oil and gas services, and fish farming. The country is one of the most competitive and technical job markets in the world. Which is technologically advanced and a world leader in the technology sector. Nevertheless, Norway’s education system is globally prominent. Universities are especially agreeable compared with the US. Employers in Norway are rather difficult to get fired. This indicates that the country provides better job security as well.

8. Hong Kong

Like Singapore, Hong Kong is excellent for career development. Hong Kong flattered as one of the free-standing and the busiest economy as a result of its growth of trade and services. It has low taxation and offering a high standard of living. The increasing number of well qualified local graduates has led to the more competitive job market. Countless opportunities for expatriates boomed. The city provides effective and trained police forces to ensure the security. On the whole, the city allows a lot of interesting experiences in both careers and in lifestyle.

9. Austria

Austria officially the Republic of Austria itself has accepted half of million newcomers during the last long years. There are also countless career paths and vacancies in the countryside that unlike from other countries To become an Austrian resident no need of a visa to enter the country but only need a residence or work permit or take up employment is enough.

10. Sweden

Sweden has an extended and stately academic distinction. Swedish educational system provides a courage to think independently, creatively and critically. So everyone can make their voice.

11. Luxembourg

Luxembourg, one of the smallest country in Europe and a limb of the European Union. The country is encircled by Belgium, France, and Germany. Luxembourg is the second richest country in the world. A massive number of people working here for a better career. German, France, and English are the most commonly used languages. The people of Luxembourg relish low unemployment. The career of Luxembourg will provide high income and the safest place to live solely. Networking can be a good way of profession there.

Even though you may be concerned about your future career, it is necessary to start thinking after lower education itself to decide a right track. Otherwise, you may not capable to catch the career as you pleased. But always keep in mind, it is never too late to change career path.

This article is written by Sarah Bennett, a senior content curator in Holidoi.com, a leading holiday portal in Dubai, UAE.

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