10 Basic steps to recruit the most qualified professionals

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Recruiting the best professionals will continue to be a challenge for companies this year. The most talented will be the most demanded and the dispute for them will be fierce. Success will depend on companies being able to carry out a well-structured recruitment and selection process.

Follow the 10 steps that can be crucial to the success of this task.

1. Contracting model

Defining the hiring model that is needed to fill a vacant position or for a new position is very important. Not all functions require a full-time, full-time professional. There are other formulas, such as temporary hiring, which can be a solution for both the company and the candidate, and which is not always taken into account. Temporary or temporary contracts allow companies to have professionals trained for a specific time and, in the case of candidates, is a good solution to stay active while seeking a more stable job.

2. Job description

Creating a job description that responds to the needs of the area is another of the key tasks for the success of the recruitment process. Consider the technical knowledge, skills, and behavior required for the position. If the description of the position is clear, it will be much easier to measure the results, and the professional will also be clear about the expectations of the company and what is expected of it.

3. Competitive salary

Define a competitive salary band according to the market and leave room for maneuver for a possible negotiation.

4. Use of recruiting companies

Advertise the vacant position through the channels that allow you to directly reach the best candidates. Use recruiting consultants whenever necessary.

5. Profile selection

Select the best curriculums and schedule previous interviews by phone.

6. In-person interviews

Cite the finalists to face-to-face interviews. Optimize these meetings by inviting more than one interviewer per stage.

7. Always check references

Check references personally.

8. Criterion always present

Use consistent criteria to make your final choice.

9. Final offer

Do not delay in making the final offer. A good professional will be played in the market and your competition may be faster than you.

10. Define the start date

Once the contract is closed, define the start date and do not leave the professional waiting or allowing him to accept a counteroffer.

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